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Milkcrate Cafe is always looking for collectible, hard to find, rare records and audio equipment. If you have a collection or gear that you would like to sell, please contact us to arrange an appraisal. We pay top dollar for vintage, obscure LP’s, 7”s and 12” singles. The genres we are most interested in are Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic, Punk, Metal, Reggae, Latin, Hip Hop, British Invasion, Progressive, select Country and Folk, Indie, and World music mainly from Africa and India.

We buy old-school high-quality analog audio gear. We love vintage record players, big funky knobs, glowing tubes, and beautiful wood speakers.

No collection is too big or too small, feel free to contact us to discuss your collection. Please inspect your records carefully and note any damage. We’re looking for records in GREAT or EXCELLENT condition. This means the covers are not defaced, torn or water damaged. The records themselves should have no scratches or scuffs that affect play and should not be warped or have excessive dirt, mildew or mold.

Things to know about what we buy

Letting us know what kinds of titles are in your collection over the phone or via email can help us determine whether or not it’s worth the trouble of hauling it to the store or for us to make a visit. However, we are unable to make an estimate of the value without looking at your collection in person, being able to physically examine each item and determine if it is a title we’re interested in.

WE DO NOT BUY any show tunes, easy listening (Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, Andy Williams), big band or many classical LPs (samplers, “pops” or greatest hits comps). We’re also selective when it comes to common artists we get too many of (Billy Joel, Elton John, etc).

We will base our prices on the records being in Near Mint condition. If we determine the records to be in lesser condition, we will have to reduce our offer. Our store has been buying and selling music for over 17 years (Cue Records included), you can rest assured you’ll be treated professionally and courteously and receive the most money for your collection.

Be Prepared With:

  • A shortlist of artists found in your collection, so we know what kind of music you have.
  • An estimate of how many pieces are in your collection.
  • A willingness to let go…
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